Semi-automatic heat press – PrintStar


With the semi-automatic heat press PrintStar T-shirts, jackets, sleeves, pant legs, bags, etc. can be professionally printed.

Decisive advantage of this heat press, however, is that it opens automatically after the time has elapsed.

  • Interchangeable worktops
  • Low space requirement
  • Large opening angle
  • Opens automatically

Details and functionality of the PrintStar

Modular design

A quick-change device allows the work plates to be exchanged in just a few seconds without the need for tools. Because the work plates are free-standing, the textiles can be conveniently pulled on so that only the cutout to be printed is on top. This results in the following advantages:

  • Transfer prints on the reverse side are protected
  • no printing creases
  • prints do not bleed through

In addition to the standard worktop sizes, we also produce custom sizes!

Electrics and display

The temperature and time can be easily and quickly set and read on our clearly arranged display.

Heating plate

A fast heating up as well as an even and constant temperature is guaranteed thanks to the newest Mikanit heating foil technology. Our heating plates, which we manufacture ourselves, are delivered as standard with a Teflon cover, which is fixed with a clamping device and can be replaced by the customer himself at any time.

In addition to the standard size heating plates, we also produce custom sizes!


When closing the heat press, a magnet is activated, which keeps the machine closed until the set time has expired. after that, the magnet is automatically deactivated and the heat press opens automatically. The pressing process can also be interrupted before the time has elapsed by means of a pushbutton. The pressure can be adjusted via an easily accessible knurled screw.


The Teflon protection for the heater ensures, as the name suggests, that the heating plate is protected against dirt such as adhesive residues or paint. In addition, the Teflon can be cleaned very easily or, in the worst case, simply replaced with a new one.

A Nomex cover protects the worktop or the silicone rubber. The cover also ensures that the textile slides better over the worktop when it is pulled on. It can be washed or replaced as well.

The silicone rubber on the worktop contributes significantly to the printing result. Due to the now very diverse printing possibilities, you get different results with hard or softer silicone rubber pads. Because we do not glue our pads to the worktops, the silicone rubber can also be exchanged for another one at any time. By default, a medium-hard is delivered. However, you can also order a soft and a hard silicone rubber from us.




Figures that speak for themselves

Technical data

suitable for all transfer applications
Folding press
Heating plate formats in cm
45×35 / 50×40
Temperature setting
digital 0-230C°
Time setting
digital 0-999sek.
Contact pressure
approx. 0.5 kg/cm2 depending on panel size
approx. 60kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) in cm
Power / Connection
230V / 10A / 2200W
Scope of delivery
Teflon cover, Nomex nettle protective cover, silicone rubber
Quick-change system for various worktops, Mikanit surface heating
Removable discs in cm
15×15 / 20×20 / 30×15 / short sleeves 12×20 / long sleeves 35×10 / 30×20 / 30×35 / 35×45 / 50×40 / 35×45 Polo / 35×45 Jackets / (Other sizes on request)
Convincing and powerful

Good reasons for a heat press from Fuchs

Made in Germany

We manufacture each transfer press by hand in our production facility in Upper Bavaria. Among other things, we use our in-house turning shop to ensure the guaranteed high quality of all our presses. Hand on it.

Clever construction

Thanks to the modular design of Fuchs transfer presses, wear parts can usually be replaced by the operator without any problems. However, if a major repair is required, our specialists will carry it out for you in our workshop in a short time.

Service from the expert

Maintenance, repair or spare part needed? Because we know our machines inside out, our specialists can help quickly – without any complications! So your heat press is quickly and inexpensively ready for use again!

Directly from manufacturer

No detours. No surcharges. Full transparency. We produce our transfer presses completely ourselves. This gives us full control over quality and you also benefit from favorable manufacturer prices.

Satisfaction guarantee

Not only the reliability of our products, but also reliability in the relationship between people is a top priority for us. It is one of the cornerstones of a cooperative partnership with customers, suppliers and employees.


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