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Welcome to Fuchs Transferpresses – your supplier of state-of-the-art transfer technology! We invite you to discover our wide range of high-quality transfer presses and innovative solutions that will help you realise your creative ideas and optimise your production processes.

At Fuchs Transferpressen, quality, performance and customer satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do. Our products are the result of years of research and development. This is how we ensure that you always work with first-class tools. We understand our customers’ needs and offer tailor-made solutions for companies of all sizes, from emerging start-ups to established large-scale enterprises.

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Heat presses for every application.

  • Manual presses
  • Pneumatic presses
  • Large format presses
  • Semi-automatic presses
  • Membrane presses
Your project – your heat press

You would like to transfer images, texts or other motifs onto textiles?

You want to transfer a print motif onto textiles or bond fabrics with other materials, such as inserts for shirt collars, reflective stripes on safety clothing, car seats or seat belts? For this you need a transfer press – preferably one from Fuchs. We manufacture exclusively in Germany and guarantee through strict quality controls that every Fuchs heat press meets the European safety standards. That is why all our machines bear the CE seal.

Made in Germany

We manufacture each heat press by hand in our production facility in Upper Bavaria. Among other things, we use our own turning shop to ensure the guaranteed high quality of all our presses. Hand on it.

Clever construction

Thanks to the modular design of the Fuchs transfer presses, wearing parts can usually be replaced by the operator without any problems. However, if a major repair is required, our specialists will do it for you in our workshop in a short time.

Service from the expert

Maintenance, repair or spare part needed? Because we know our machines inside out, our experts can help you quickly – without any complications! Your heat press will be ready for use again quickly and cost-effectively!

Frequently asked questions

A compact summary of interesting facts on the subject of heat presses.

What is a heat press?

A heat press is a machine with which different materials can be bonded together through temperature, pressure and time. The heat press works under heat and pressure and thus transfers the media to transfer objects. The transfer press is most commonly used in textile finishing. A decision is made between different transfer presses, such as manual, semi-automatic, membrane, pneumatic or large format presses.

What pressure should I set for a heat press?

Since every material is different, it is not possible to specify a pressure for every print. However, the contact pressure is usually given to you, as well as the time and temperature. Depending on the printing process, different parameters are required. For pneumatic heat presses, for example, the following rule of thumb applies: Grams per cm²: Length: Width = pressure

Which heat press is the right one for my application?

For a large number of print runs, a pneumatic press is ideal. For printing smaller motifs, a press with a small pressing surface is suitable and for large motifs a press with as large a pressing surface as possible. For beginners, manual presses are usually suitable for cost reasons. A big disadvantage, however, is the pressure setting, because here you can only work by feeling how tightly the press can be locked. In the long run, this can be very tiring. With pneumatic presses or air pressure presses, the pressure can be adjusted exactly. These types of heat presses bring more advantages:

  • Exact repeatability
  • No effort required
  • less wear and tear
  • automatic opening
  • higher throughput

What is the difference between manual, semi-automatic and pneumatic heat press?

In a manual heat press, the user’s force is needed. The heat press must be closed and also opened by hand. In semi-automatic heat press, the machine is closed by hand as in manual heat press. After the time has elapsed, however, it then opens automatically. With pneumatic heat press, no force is required by the operator. The printing process is usually started conveniently via a 2-hand safety control. All pneumatic machines open automatically after the time has elapsed. However, a compressor is required to generate compressed air.

How big should the printing area of heat press be?

Depending on what you want to print, the size of the printing area varies. However, the largest possible printing area is always advantageous, as this allows large as well as small motifs to be transferred to the transfer objects.

Can I print with heat press only on textiles?

The heat presses that we have in our range are ideal for textile printing. However, it must be ensured that these textiles can withstand high temperatures. However, heat press can also be used to print on other materials such as wood, plastic and many more. Heat presses are also used to join different materials by pressure, time and temperature.

How heavy is a heat press?

Depending on the type and size of the heat press, the weight also varies. We offer light heat press with approx. 40 or 60 kg, but also heat press with up to 450 kg.

Professional solutions for reliable production

Not just any press

We build favourite tools

Our range of heat press models leaves nothing to be desired. Are you looking for a membrane press with an inflatable work table for optimal positioning of your print material? – Our models can be converted into a simple heat press by deactivating the membrane function – two devices in one! Do you have large print jobs to process and need a device that can be operated without fatigue?

Our pneumatic heat presses always make the right print thanks to infinitely variable control. Are you looking for a manual heat press for small patch prints or a large device for swivelling? With us you will find your favourite working tool for results without print wrinkles or bleed-through. Also swivel presses, large format presses and special machines leave our house to satisfied customers. Our most important key to success: customisation.

We at Fuchs don’t just build any heat presses – we build your heat press! Communication with the customer and technical customisation result in products that harmonise perfectly. Let’s talk about the intended use and application modalities of the desired device. As soon as we have a clear picture of the scope of functions, we decide on the suitable heat press model and adapt it to your production goals. This gives you a competitive advantage: the use of reliable, durable and efficient printing and gluing technology.

Should you encounter technical problems during operation, our technical support is at your disposal. The modular design of each heat press allows the cost-effective and time-saving repair of individual functional parts. In case of maintenance and repair (or if you need advice on operation), you can always contact us directly and reliably as the manufacturer – there is no need for a lengthy diversions via a dealer. We give a two-year guarantee on every heat press. For the Mikanit surface heating we guarantee for life. We deliver all spare parts within 24 hours.